Wellness Consulting

The Greenpost provides guest speaking for any event, seminar or workplace in bringing the latest in health and wellbeing and exploring the delicate work-life balance.

Wellness Consulting for groups

Healthy foodie Lauren teams up with Nutritional Therapist and trainer Jake to bring wellness consulting advise and planning to areas of health, fitness and lifestyle.

Offering strategic planning and skills from discussions and seminars that can be tailored for small private groups to large corporate functions.

What To Expect

Wellness Consulting from The Greenpost team, explores the ongoing conflict between nutrition and taste, with up to date nutrition and wellbeing advice we focus on the importance of a healthy work-life balance.
Discussions and workshops are customised for each group and can take place at any suitable location, these include workplaces, function rooms, or even outdoors in a park.
Clients and team members leave the consultation seminars with confidence and an invigorated and refreshed commitment to the health process plus a clear pathway to a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

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