Performance Pilates

A fun, dynamic and exciting way to work out and the benefits are endless. When integrated with other training modalities, Our performance styled Pilates can provide the edge.

Performance Pilates

With trademark reformer sessions, Jake’s expertise in Pilates brings a challenging and refreshing precise full body workout.

Consistent reformer Pilates can drastically improve flexibility, strength and mobility. Paired with a holistic exercise plan, it will contribute enormously no matter what your athletic goal may be.

Personal 1:1 Reformer Training

A fast track way to work towards your personalised training goals, Jake will focus his 1:1 sessions to build performance in mind-body co-ordination and are also a great way for beginners to build ability to give confidence in group sessions. From rehabilitation of injuries and alignment issues to increasing elite athletic performance, individual sessions will give you specific attention in accordance to any goal.

Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Offering challenging group reformer 45 minute sessions, group sessions will focus on mindful, fluent and strengthening movements. As a result you can expect a dramatic increase in core and body coordination awareness. Less body stiffness and a reduction in muscular pain while experiencing the benefits of much stronger body.

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