The In’s and Out’s of Colon Cleansing

As the title suggests, in this article we go “deep” into the world of the ‘Butt Flush’. Something that I have personally been intrigued with for many years now, so in the interests of colon health, I bring you a highly researched and studied article to help shed some light on this highly debatable topic.  

A taboo subject with many nonetheless, an area that I have personally been intrigued with for many years now.
In the interests of colon health, I bring you a highly studied and researched article to help shed some light on this often shunned and debatable topic.

Going back about 6-7 years ago, only moments after I received the first colonic irrigation, (done purely from an “investigative” point of view), I immediately knew I could be onto something fairly special.
No… it wasn’t just because I had survived ‘rectal violation’, my jubilation was due in part to a few very noticeable changes.
Walking out of the clinic, with noticeable flattening of my stomach, I immediately felt an increased  mid to lower abdominal activation and connection. To add, some how I had manoeuvrability and rotational range within the midsection so noticeable, it was reminiscent of a 1980’s action figure doll.

Best of all – for that whole day a mental clarity with euphoric like energy engulfed me, so real, so intense that you could say changed some perspective on life.

Sounds extreme? Well yes it was…
Why was this?
Was I just so full of shit that any improvement of the state of my colon was giving me noticeable vibrance?
Did the colonic therapist spike the flushing water with high grade ecstasy?
Or was I just having a damn good day??
Whatever this was…. you could probably guess by my testimonial, why I became a fan from the that day.

In the days after that first flush , the reaction I received after detailing it to anyone willing to listen was… well lets say “mixed”?
No matter how hyped my claims of the awesomeness were, strangely enough, friends, clients and colleagues alike were kind of dumbfounded.
I mean really, why would anyone want a tube placed up their butt and flushed with a large volume of water???’

Well….Fast forward five or so years and the general opinion, I feel, has changed. This may be impart due to the current trend we call – getting super healthy!


What exactly are colonic irrigations and Enema’s?

Colonic Irrigation –
In short colonics involve multiple infusions of water into the colon and is possible flush the entire colon. This rear end plumbing is generally performed in a clinic or hospital by a nurse or hydrotherapist.

Enema –
On the less intense side of things, we have the enema. An enema involves a single infusion of water into the colon and tends to only cleanse the lower sections of the descending colon. This also can be performed by a hydrotherapist, but in the name of ‘D.I.Y’ enemas can easily be done at home with a simple enema kit.


History of the colonic

Did you know that in one form or another cleansing of the large intestine has been practiced for over 3500 years. Evidence shows this practice first recorded on an Egyptian piece of papyrus called the Ebers Papyrus. This ancient manuscript reaches 20 meters in length, with the ancient writings detailing 877 recipes to treat a great variety of disease or symptoms.
Dated 1500 B.C. it references detailed descriptions of colonic flushing – even providing directions on how to perform the task. Source

Documented history of art also tells us that ancient African tribes, Greece, Babylonia, India, and China all have long histories of enema type flushing.  
American Indians also have an improvised version using a syringe made from an animal bladder and a hollow leg bone or an animal horn to perform the task – Classy! 

Check this site out for a quick look at the history of the enema…  It amazed me at just how prominent it was all through history all throughout the world. Clearly not just a fad, it seems that most civilisations throughout history, especially the royalty and the elite engaged in the butt flush often.

It would seem that in recent years, our modern society have downplayed the once prominent alternative treatment. Nonetheless, I am more confident that this practice will again become a little more desired in days to come, as the mental barriers fall and people rediscover its possible benefits.


Who qualifies for a flush?

Number 3 experts will point to anyone with a sluggish bowel, bloating or anyone wanting to help with those completely overused and abused words of ‘detoxify’ or ‘cleanse’. In my experience is a fairly substantial percentage of the population in today’s society.
Whilst studying deeper in this alternative treatment, enemas have been used and recommended for a wide range of illness and chronic disease including;  

  • Constipation
  • Candida
  • Inflammatory bowel disease & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Colon & Prostate Cancer
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea Peeling Lips and Skin Allergies
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Body Odour and Mouth Odour
  • Parasites and Infectious Diseases – Just to name a few.

Yes, it looks like one those quacked up lists, created by the alternative health freaks believe they can fix everything and anything, and hey, you may not be wrong. The thing is, in having an great understanding of the relationship between the state of our internal health and it’s link with disease, you will see just how many of the conditions mentioned above, are in fact symptoms of bad gut health .


The theory behind cleaning the colon?

The colonic irrigation process from a functional health practitioner viewpoint, I will agree that the tube up the butt to ‘clean the pipes’ is far from the most harmonious thing that can be done to our body. The bacteria in that part of our colon play a crucial role in assimilating nutrients, elimination toxic compounds that enter our digestive system, production of enzymes that inhibit cancerous cell formation within the colon and more. Constant flushing of these vital organisms will lead to issues
On the flip side, it must be said – our sub-par and low fibre Western influenced diets, has changes the way the colon once cleared itself out. This in itself is also far from harmonious for our body.
Therefore, the build up (most probably from the remnants of crappy food choices) are said to have the ability to adhere and petrify in our colons, leading to to the possibility all sorts of disease and elimination issues

Through a good flush, colonics and enemas can help release old encrusted colon waste – often referred to as as intestinal plaque. It can encourage the discharge of toxins and parasites, freshen the gastrointestinal tract and make the whole cleansing process easier and more thorough – (like it did when high fibrous diets where around).
When we have helped clear and flush away that intestinal plaque, issues like inflammation & irritation of the intestinal lining can be reduced, so absorption of nutrients we ingest are assimilated better, leading to better health….. and as in my circumstance, a flatter stomach -Win


Evidence behind cleaning the colon?

Unfortunately for the colon cleansing believers, there isn’t much evidence, in fact pretty much zilch, When browsing through Plos, Pubmed and other scientific sources for literature on colonic irrigation, there is simply no clinical studies that support benefits of this treatment, aside for a couple minor studies demonstrating a temporary solution to regular old constipation. This is of course why much of the promotion behind colonic cleansing is considered as ‘quackery’, or as I like to put it – ‘wellness washing’

In our modern scientific literature, enemas and other types colonic cleansing have clearly not been studied well in a systematic manner, for rigorous and robust controlled trials have simply not been performed as it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform, so double blind placebo controlled studies are highly unlikely to ever happen.

Unlike much of pharmaceutical patenting of a drug that can be worth millions even billions, the financial incentive just isn’t there for the sale of enema kits and hydrotherapy world.

To add further separation from scientific methodology, colonic irrigation is more often than not – used with multiple natural therapies e.g health smoothies, elimination diet, stress relief techniques and anti inflammatory nutrition/diets etc. Any evidence supporting improved health, will not be considered a success of enema because more than one intervention was used. This is how current ‘human effect paradigm’ is measured and is the basis of modern clinical research.

I am always a skeptic…. I question everything, I agree that the body is a miraculous thing and it really should do a good enough job of eradicating toxins without the need of butt flushing. The millions of years of coevolution with our symbiotic intestinal bacteria would have resulted in a fairly optimal detoxification and elimination system wouldn’t you think?
If you don’t fully understand that, you can read the gut health trilogy –


(Sarcasm alert)
In a perfect world, we all would of course have the fiollowing

  • Well functioning and healthy intestinal lining, with cells that turn and regenerate every couple of days to descale that intestinal plaque.
  • Bacterial symbiosis within our gut and colon, that will metabolise and rid the bowel of toxins, detoxifying us completely
  • An un-compromised pristine intestine with its mucous membranes that line the intestinal wall blocking all unwanted substances from entering the body’s blood stream.
  • And finally, a well functioning liver to neutralise the tens of thousands of toxins we are exposed to every day 

Lets say without sounding like a complete drainer, a rather large percentage of the population, do not have optimal functioning digestion and elimination – where do you think you sit?
In fact, we live in an increasingly toxic world where the air we breathe is being polluted and the food we eat is far from natural, often produced in factories, laden with pesticides and harmful additives.
Our bodies are now copping more toxicity than they naturally get rid of and neutralise. 

If you party too hard too often, make bad food choices and live a stressful lifestyle, w
ell, this could be why – your gut bloats, you’re gassy after and have reactions to multiple foods. Breakouts & bad skin is a general day to day issue, emotional issues and mood swings, even trouble concentrating?  Wow, I think I just described a few of my friends… 

Did I just say that? In reality, there aren’t too many people that can really say;

  • Their gut health and micro-biome is in a pristine symbiosis.
  • Liver values and function is at 100%
  • And that Intestinal/colon cellular regeneration is flawless and is not subject to the bombardment of pollution, parasites and disease.

If this was the case, then I am sure most of the chronic levels of illness would not be on the rise as it is.
Sure, if our body is at peak health, then I would say that any sort of but flushing is a waste of time, possibly detrimental. But if you’re human like me, and there are times where you lapse in metal strength to uphold a pristine lifestyle, well a butt flush might just be right up – your alley (pun intended)


How does one cleanse the colon?

Cleansing the colon is not for everyone, in fact – it shouldn’t be performed all that often in my opinion. Not that I hold a diploma in butt flushing nor is there such a thing as far as I am aware, nonetheless years of study and experimentation on the perfect flush has lead me to develop a great protocol not only myself, but also for a number of clients that this treatment is suited.
Personally speaking, the need will stem from a slight detour from a healthy lifestyle, misbehaving (as I often do) or generally after Christmas and a New Year bender of a less than conducive lifestyle. In the days following this debaucherous time I like to give myself,  a self titled ‘flush and restore protocol’.
I can safely say without question this will immediately reduce much of the bloating I will have, but most importantly, I treat this internal cleansing period, as a restarting point to rebuild an get back onto a healthy lifestyle.

Enema kits can be bought online or from various health clinics and be performed in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Creating your own brews with the use of purified water, natural minerals and other compounds like coffee, can be used to target healing for specific conditions. One must take care and seek professional advice before administering foreign compounds up the butt for obvious reasons, although when used in conjunction with sound nutritional planning, healing of particular ailments can indeed take place.

The appeal of the enema, for many – including myself is the “D.I.Y factor”.

As we discover and develop a better understanding of the importance a well functioning digestive and elimination system offers us, it is important to know that the hydrotherapy information presented is educational and aimed give an idea about what can be done with the combination of good lifestyle to help the body thrive.

If you are interested in seeing if a personalised colonic care protocol is for you, get in touch with us today .



Colonic Cleansing Cons

While vast amounts anecdotal evidence on this practice are everywhere, always check with a professional as there are reports of complications.

There are problems that can and  arise from this treatment;

  • Improper hygiene
  • Incorrect insertion (perforation) 
  • Dehydration or electrolyte imbalance Addiction – yes so good people actually get hooked or depend on this practice for elimination.

All of which are avoidable for anyone with common sense.

I am aware that the positive nature of this article on a so called ‘quack treatment’ can be laughed at and criticised in certain circles, and that is expected. I have offered a view that is within the integrative health scope. This alternative treatment could never claim it to be a panacea to cure all cancer, disease all while transforming you into a life loving superstar. This is simply information on a relatively low risk complimentary treatment from many years of study and personal application.


The wrap up

I am aware that the positive nature of this article on a so called ‘quack treatment’ can be laughed at and criticised in certain circles, and that is expected. I have offered a view that is within the integrative health scope. This alternative treatment could never claim it to be a panacea to cure all cancer, disease all while transforming you into a life loving superstar. This is simply information on a relatively low risk complimentary treatment from many years of study and personal application.

The elimination process as a whole, I believe to be as essential as our nutritional intake. You may find you can get away with it being below average for a while, but with 17,000 new cases of bowel cancer in Australia diagnosed last year alone, elimination issues of any extent can have the ability to ultimately to manifest and be an underlying cause of a huge range of devastating chronic and fatal diseases.

As the famous quote by so many world renowned physicians including the over quoted ‘socrates’ will tell you – “Death Begins in the colon”  
Optimistically speaking, I would rather promote that –

Ultimate health and longevity starts with a healthy colon


Author: Jake

Bringing you this article, Jake combines his 15 years of expertise in integrated nutrition and fitness to provide his insights on matters of substance.