Radiating positive energy, Jake's friendly and relaxed nature compliments his knowledge and experience, and it is this, that sets him apart from most.

With 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, with an ever increasing portfolio of holistic nutrition and functional medicine, his past and present clients from all walks of life will assure you he is one of the best in the business!

- Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
- Reformer Pilates (Performance Pilates Coach)
-Strength & Conditioning Level 2 (ASCA)
- Anatomy & Physiology II
- Function Medicine Student (Kresser Institute)

With ‘Balance’ being the foundation to Jake’s to training ,lifestyle and nutritional programs, he is the 'go to guy' for guidance in a sustainable and functional sense for body improvement and ultimate health.

Distancing himself from much of today's capitalist bodybuilding fitness scene, his approach of whole body health and lifestyle, and addressing problems at the root of the cause- rather than just bigger biceps, is considered a refreshing change by many.

With a philosophy of "Rather than giving a man a fish to feed him for the day - teach the man to fish and he will never go hungry again” Jake hopes to educate inspire personal growth and sustainability of lifestyle.



‘The mind is everything, what we think we become’ - Dalai Lama

A healthy thought comes from a healthy body. If we create a positive, nurturing environment for those thoughts to flourish, nothing can hold you back.

Lauren is a strong believer in the ever flowing cycle, good food, mindful eating, consistent exercise and quality sleep. Without one, the circle stops flowing and others are affected.

Like many others, Lauren has struggled with her own body image and weight. Meeting Jake helped Lauren to identify what wasn't working for her and how a few simple lifestyle changes made some huge positive effects.

Lauren understands ‘a love for food’, almost better than she does anything else. Her passion in life is making healthy food taste great and practicing that a balanced life through diet and exercise is a happy one.

Right now there is a movement taking place, people are realising that there could be detrimental health consequences later in life if they don't take care of themselves today.

Lauren will show you smart and creative ways to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday life, so easily you won't even know you're doing it!